Frequently Answered Questions

What is that?

This is the little web corner devoted to opensource experiments about Chocolate!


Borgodoro mission is to make high quality food available for the right price, Opensource made it possible for the software and we have great examples such as Android or the web servers we use daily. We got convinced we can try as well with food recipes.

Ok but software is immaterial!

So recipes are, you still need tools and material, but is nice to know in detail what you are eating where it comes from and maybe even try at home making what you liked or even improve it. We will even sell you our ingredients so you can try making your own version from scratch.

Ok, deal so what is for me?

Here you will find the recipes we used to make some chocolate, the mentioned chocolate in ready-to-eat form and even the ready-to-use ingredients.

Why LGPL? Why not $license?

  • First, recipes are not really copyrightable so we are putting the license only as goodwill guideline.
  • Second, LGPL is a good balance between sharing and being able to keep for you.
  • Third, the first project we are making chocolate for is using this license so felt right using it.

Why starting with a VLC chocolate?

Somebody has a long tradition of bringing chocolate from our city around meetings and he happens to be part of VLC.

Apparently even the other VLC developers liked our MrBlack bars he brought with him.

We like VLC and we thought it would be fun trying first making a chocolate fitting.

Where the money goes?

For each box sold part of the money will get back to VLC, the rest keeps making this project bigger.

Do you plan to make chocolate for other opensource projects?

Yes if there is interest and this first run results successful, feel free to drop us a line if you are part of an opensource project that would like a custom chocolate.

Will you keep making the VLC chocolate?


This is a limited run so if you like our highly energetic dark chocolate you should hurry!