Libav Chocolate

Libav Chocolate

Libav works behind the scene, your player probably is using it to decode your strange multimedia file, the website you just uploaded your latest creation probably is using it to convert your movie in the many formats mobile and desktop browser use. If there is a multimedia application, there are high chances that Libav is doing the heavy lifting under the hood.

Our mate, mint and cardamom chocolate had been inspired by the efforts spent by the Libav developers.

The chocolate gets it flavour from the mint extracts and freshly crushed cardamom, Behind the scene the mate leaves and the cocoa provide an high amount of energy readily available.


The following recipe is morally put under the LGPL you can fork it on our repo as you can do for many projects.

The recipe is currently in production, check our repo for further changes.

The webshop is closed, please directly contact us if you want to put an order.



Ready to use


Mint and Cardamom are refreshing, Mate is bitter Cardamom and mint will mask almost completely the mate flavour. The aftertaste will clean the mouth deeply.

Mint essence is highly volatile, keep the chocolate in a sealed container once it is done.


You can buy boxes of Libav Chocolate in our webshop.

Members of the Libav community have a special discount code (ask around).

Separated ingredients are also available.