VLC Chocolate

VLC Chocolate

VLC is one of the best players around, works everywhere, plays everything, we love it.

Our guarana and liquorice chocolate had been inspired by the efforts spent by the VLC developers.

While thinking about the orange and white cone we thought about the bright orange guarana fruits and its high coffeine contents.


The following recipe is morally put under the LGPL you can fork it on our repo as you can do for many projects.

The recipe is the one currently used in production, check our repo for further changes.

The webshop is closed, please directly contact us if you want to put an order.



Ready to use


Guarana has a bitter-spicy flavour that is countered by liquorice.

Blend every ingredient together to make guarana and liquorice subtly enhance the chocolate flavour without being noticed too much. The liquorice aftertaste remain strong after the last bite.


You can buy boxes of VLC Chocolate in our webshop.

Members of the VideoLan community have a special discount code (ask around).

Separated ingredients are also available.